The power of nature, tradition and science for Anti Aging

We believe when it comes to your skin, nature can give so much more than any synthetic formulation can.

Hand-made production methods take into consideration the need to protect the planet and environment

When the Tree Of Life meets the the Tree Of Olive !

We at EGO Stockholm  we know how time-consuming and expensive it is to find and buy beautiful, quality products that would last. That's why we decided to launch our new products line with a collaboration with partners that share our beliefs and bring you a product that focuses mainly on quality and sustainability.

For a healthy , smooth and young skin and as a part of our persistence of bringing you the best natural products , we are proud and excited to announce our new line of beauty and skin care natural products. 

Thousands of years of tradition, combined with new biotechnology for skin & hair care, beauty and wellbeing, brought to you by a unique collaboration with a revolutionary factory in the mountains of the Galilee led by Dr. Dabour with a 25 years experience. 


All products are 99% natural based and extracted from the Olive Tree of the Galilee mountains .The Olive Tree, is known for its unique qualities and benefits for the body and skin.

This line of products regenerate your skin and make your skin feel smoother and younger all year long and in any weather!


This is an exclusive line that is now available for you all over the world. We want you to feel and have the best product for your skin care , so we cut costs just in order for you to have it .



As usual our worldwide free shipping is available for you , but also a reduction of 15% on a single product  , discount automatically applied!  If you decide to treat your skin with a luxurious treatment kit, then we offer you a  20% reduction - just type the code “KitDiscount20”  in the checkout page .  


More information is available in the products descriptions.


We Care

EGO  Stockholm is a leather fashion brand that has risen the flag of originality and self expression . We believe that people are different and that it is important that each one of us express himself the way its comfortable to them. Our leather collection is "Made to fit" and "Made to order" so you can be sure its the perfect fit for you . NOW We are expanding our intrest and bring you accessories and self care products.  On this journey , we partnered with Dr. Dabour's laboratories to bring you a Unique and Natural skin care product that is extraced and based on the known qualitues of the olive tree from the mountains of Gallile in the Holly Land . We invite you to explore and treat your skin and yourself .

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Created From Necessity - The Story behind the innovation

Dr. Dabour’s company is located in the north of the holy land on Mount Miron, the highest mountain of the Galilee, north of Nazareth and near the Jordan river. 

Dr. Ziad Dabour was born to a Druze family in Beit Jann, a village in the Galilee Mt. Miron Natural Reserve. From his early days, Ziad spent a lot of time with his grandfather, a farmer who worked for his living in his fields, win yards and goat sheds. Thus, he learned from first-hand the Druze community and family secrets, recipes and knowledge about the Galilee plants, which passed from fathers to sons for generations. 

Zaid's curiosity, ambition and outstanding capabilities let him to the famous Technion Institute, where he reached his PhD degree in Pharmacology and Medicine Sciences. 

Throughout his studying, Ziad's little daughter has diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis (AD).
It's a condition that makes your skin red and itchy. It may occur at any age, but typically starts in childhood. 

Treatment involves applying steroid creams.
Dr. Ziad has been aware of the severe side effects of steroids especially in children so he decided to produce a special formulation for his daughter, without chemicals or harsh ingredients. It has been a successful formulation.
Ziad succeeded to reduce the severity of AD symptoms and his daughter felt better as so many other clients. 

Dr. Dabour established his company in Beit Jann at the upper Galilee, north of Israel combined with his academic studies and experience
skin & hair health, beauty and wellbeing. 

By doing so, Dr. Dabour continues the heritage of his grandfathers with the technology of the 21st century. Women from Galilee working with him to assure that this unique phenomena, which results in outstanding natural cosmetic products, continues for years to come. 

The historic and moral values of Dr. Dabour's phenomenal operation are due to the fact that a Druze family, which lives in the Galilee for hundreds of years, managed to translate its heritage and tradition into modern cosmetic products, which are so desired now all over the world. 

New Approach  

Dr. Dabour's unique approach combines nature's most therapeutic plants, traditional Mediterranean methods and advanced technology to create skincare and hair care products that are as effective on even the most problematic skin and hair, as they are gentle.

Dr.Dabour's new knowledge helps deliver and intensify nature's ingredients inside the skin, making a noticeable difference to the way your skin and hair looks and feels, healthy and beautiful.

A Natural Cycle

Dr. Dabour's laboratories are committed to using the gift of the natural surroundings and environment of his Galilean birthplace to cultivate an eco-friendly chemical-free manufacturing cycle and products, maintaining growth and environmental sustainability.

What guides us 

At EGO Stockholm, our main goal is to give our customers the best products we can provide in order to recognize their uniqueness and self expression  .

EGO Stockholm, as a luxury fashion brand , bring you timeless and highly qualitative items of clothing for you to enjoy season after season. We also bring you natural beauty and care products and accessories that bring your glow out into the world . We understand that each of us has different desires , style and body build , we embrace the individuality of each one, and we provide an exclusive “Made To Fit” leather products service to our customers .