Our products are manufactured in Italy from the highest quality lamb leather available on the market (Nappa) and by leading manufactures in the industry.

Our efforts go beyond the products materials so every single application, from the zippers to the signatured buttons, is made out of durable and qualitative metals. The lining and tags are made out of natural materials, such as cotton and silk, in order to reduce the use of synthetic fabrics that are so harmful to the environment and yet, are very luxurious. We extend our efforts to the use of recycled and recyclable materials in our packaging line. 

We don’t believe in using synthetic materials in our products due to the tremendously negative impact they have on our planet. Not only do they take hundreds of years to break down, but they also pose serious health risks to all animals when they enter the food-chains in the form of micro-plastics. 

Our collections are created from 100% biodegradable materials. Everything you see on the final product, from the lining to the hangtags, is a natural fabric like cotton, silk and leather. 

At “EGO” we ensure that the production process is made in a safe environment using chrome free and metal free tanning process in order to minimize as possible the effect on our environment and planet. We choose the best hides  with the purpose  to minimize the correction needs to our leather . 



Nappa leather with different finishes - leather is a really fun material to play with, it comes in a wide range of textures and colors. We are trying to stay away from any dated approach to designing leather products and be creative and innovative in choosing the final textures and finishes. This is why, we chose the plain buttery soft Nappa leather, chrome and metal free treated, with dye coloring, lamination or crocodile embossed. Our leather is produced in Italy and our items are 100% manufactured in Italy, respecting our Code of Ethics. 



This is the most comfortable material for your skin. Cotton is made from natural fibers, so it is breathable and it moistures perfectly with the leather. 

This is the highest grade metal hardware (zippers, clip-ons etc.) with fully polished elements. The shiny beautiful look creates a luxury appearance to your item.


Our Swarovski buttons enrich our products thanks to their luxurious design, high-quality crystal material and uniqueness. The buttons contain Swarovski crystals,  made in Austria, alongside with our silver or gold coated signatured  buttons , both high-lighten our approach to details. The quality of buttons on our items is extremely important and we invest in high qualitative and durable applications and most importantly our hardwares totally support the leather’s lifetime durability . Our buttons are coated with real silver or gold, offering luxurious look that will leave a lasting impression. 



 We strongly believe in “reduce, reuse, recycle” principle in our supply chain. We definitely chose to manufacture our packaging and labels from recyclable carton and natural materials in order to minimize the harm of our environment and eco-system and to reflect our values. Packaging sustainability is one of our biggest concern in order to expand its lifecycle and usability.  



We're maybe slow, but we're Timeless !