Our main fashion brand goal is to create timeless and highly qualitative items of clothing for you to enjoy season after season, without them going out of style. We value our deep commitment to minimize the industry effect on our planet and environment and ensuring sustainability in any way we can, and thus, to create inspiration for our customers.

We also bring you accessories and beauty products that align with our concept and quality standards , to help you complete your look and express your style and self care .

The Concept


Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. In a world where many big brands have decided to focus on producing huge volumes and following current trends, we have chosen to focus on quality craftsmanship and timeless designs. 

As a new brand on the luxury market, our main goal is to create versatile and qualitative clothing for you to enjoy season after season, without them going out of style.

We believe in “slow fashion” and in timeless products that can be apart of our daily life. Our vision is fast-paced, forward-thinking and fashion-centered at its core, and all of our products reflect these ideals. No corners are cut in the manufacturing process of our items and every little detail is taken into consideration for a flawless final result. 



“EGO” is YOU. “EGO” glorifies your personality, no matter gender, religion, race. In this matter, we decided to introduce timeless, gender-free orientated leather items. All gender identities are valid and all people should have the right to express themselves through the clothes they wear. That is why, we designed most of our leather products with a wide range of body shapes in mind and do not want to limit ourselves to traditional gender, religion or race when it comes to our fashion campaigns. 


It is very important to us that all workers across our supply chain are paid fair wages and provided with safe working conditions. We have visited all of the production facilities in person to ensure that they respect all the necessary regulations with regard to both human labour and environmental impact. 

Our Code of Ethics is a guide intended to provide a framework for all our activities, to protect EGO, its success and longevity. 

The Code provides also a framework for what is expected from each of us in our professional activities, and when we are in contact with our employees, customers, shareholders and business partners. It also defines our commitment to the environment, which we are dedicated to protecting and on which we wish to minimize our impact, and to society at large, in which we intend to fully play our part as a good corporate citizen, engaged and responsible.



We aim to bring the leather wear to everyday's use , To inspire our costumers and give them the ability to express themselves in anyway they feel.


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We are concentrating our efforts in offering the best customer support for our clients, through multiple contact ways (phone, e-mail, WhatsApp, chat, social media). We encourage our clients to contact us for any information regarding our materials, products and services.


We're maybe slow, but we're Timeless !