EGO STOCKHOLM is a Swedish luxury leather wear brand brought to you by AsgardLäder. We focus on creating beautiful and durable leather garments and accessories. We aim to bring a unique fashion concept based on leather products which combines old style designs with new trends influenced by the latest fashions with an added flair.

“EGO” is about a new approach in highlighting another perspective regarding the classic ready-to-wear designs with high quality leather materials. Leather shows strength, power, motivation and defines personality and culture.



Our philosophy is represented by the combined symbols in our logo as inspired by the Nordic Mythology :

 The Tree Of Life
 Representing the connection of all energy in the universe.
Valknut EGO
   The Valknut
 Representing the continuous cycle between life and death and the    
            balance in the universe .
      The Serpant 
That represents the protection over our world. 





    Breaking barriers has never been easy, but we accepted upon ourselves the  challenge in expanding the leather fashion to a wider perspective and so “EGO” was born. “EGO” represents individuality, self expression , protection and values. The vision that guides ”EGO” is motivated by the simplicity behind leather concept, the versatility and quality of astonishing craftsmanship combined with uncompromised commitment to our world, meant to help the people to embrace the idea of leather products for every day use.